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Wireline Retrievable Pressure Core

Core quality is critical when attempting to assess the risks, economics and potential success of an exploration program. This makes the collection of in-situ core samples using an advanced technology extremely valuable when determining the mechanical and material properties of a target reservoir.

The revolutionary technology behind QuickCapture™ allows up to 100% of all in-situ gases and liquids to be collected at safe working pressures, giving a complete and accurate picture of the reservoir to guide productivity.

The system has been deployed effectively in conventional and unconventional formations and delivers the largest diameter and longest cuts of pressurised core currently available.

Running on Corpro’s game-changing QuickCore™ wireline coring platform, operators can choose to take conventional wireline or pressure cores through multiple zones while switching back and forth without tripping the drill string for value added, low risk coring.



  • Large 3” (76mm) diameter core
  • Lengths up to 10’ (3m)
  • Safe working pressure
  • Wireline retrievable with QuickCore
  • Pressure and temperature transducers



Operates in conventional or unconventional wells. In addition to standard core analysis data, QuickCapture™ can deliver enhanced reservoir data, some of which could not be acquired otherwise:

  • OOIP – Original Oil In Place
  • OGIP – Original Gas In Place
  • GOR – Gas/Oil Ratio
  • Direct measurements of saturations
  • Gas content with no lost gas
  • Pore pressure
  • Reservoir fluid analysis


QuickCapture™: Up to 100% of all in-situ gases &  liquids – a clear picture of reservoir productivity.

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